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Road behaviour – The Cyclist - Transport Malta

23th July 2016

Transport Malta launched the second video in a series to promote road etiquette, in a bid to improve driver behaviour on our roads. In a time when traffic surges to the highest levels and traffic queues lengthen, it is more important than ever to respect the other road users.

The latest video revolves around a cyclist who commutes to her workplace on a bike.  On the road, she meets other people, pedestrians and drivers.  All those she meets show her total respect, from encouraging her to continue on her trip, when she’s too tired, to overtaking her while allowing enough distance and giving her the right of way in a crossroad.

When Jennifer, our cyclist faces a steep hill, she stops to rest on the side of the road.  A pedestrian waves her on and encourages her to keep on going.  The actions of the pedestrian set the mood for the rest of the film, oozing an attitude of friendship, camaraderie and support.

A mother drives behind Jennifer. When there is enough space, the mother overtakes the cyclist carefully, making sure there is enough space to overtake safely, without putting the cyclist in danger.

Jennifer then meets another driver at a crossroads.  Upon seeing her, the driver stops, makes eye contact and allows her through.  Mutual respect among drivers and other road users is unfortunately not so easy to come by on our roads.
Transport Malta aspires to inspire more of this positive attitude among drivers on our roads.  We encourage drivers to show respect to all other road users be they car drivers, truck drivers, bike riders, cyclists or pedestrians.  Drive Safe!